Being ethical is what I feel to be highly important as I put the client first. I make sure their needs and concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. I uphold honesty to a high degree and work hard at whatever task I set to accomplish.
It’s one thing to talk about what strengths I have, but that only means so much. When others are able to speak highly of you and your work, then I believe your reputation speaks for you being someone credible to work with. Hear what others have to say on me:

Work Ethics

“I would place Mr. Panagaris in the top 10% of his peer group. This ranking is justifiable due to the diligence, efficiency and logic that he applied in performing the tasks that were assigned to him. His ability to work unsupervised is an asset to the team. He is comfortable with his surroundings and contributes well vocally and interacts very well with everyone involved. Jevon is a great asset given his ability to formulate solutions to complex problems Mr. Panagaris is a balanced individual, personable, technically capable and very ethically minded. He would be a great asset for any organization that chooses him. It was a great pleasure working with Jevon this summer.”

–John M. Lucero
(Aerospace Facilities Systems Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center)

“Mr. Panagaris is very proactive in his work assignments and demonstrates ability to not only comprehend the technical aspects of his assignments, but to work independently to research and solve engineering problems. I would highly recommend Mr. Panagaris for any work opportunities. He is responsible, respectful and committed to performing high quality and timely work.”

–Luis R. Beltran
(Chief of Aviation Environments Test Engineering Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center)

“Jevon has keen insight when it comes to working with people. He has a sincere desire to help everyone he works with. He is polite and a good listener putting his clients first all the time. When you work with him, you have a true team player. Each new client is to him the best person to work for. That’s important and he does some very impressive work. Contact him to see for yourself.”

–Saundra P.
(Freelance Copywriter at Blue Diamond Incentives)

“Jevon has a critical eye when it comes to problem solving and good organizational skills.”

–Carol Rickers
(Assisted Living Nurse)

“This is great to see. Jevon’s efforts are hugely important to the success of our interiors business, probably more than he knows. Keep up the good work!”

–Pat Clark
(Director of Regional Sales at Orbis)

Profile Building

“Jevon contacted me on Linked In and offered a trial of his resume writing services to me! I’m happy I said yes, he did an amazing job revamping my resume! It looks very professional and flows a lot better than my original resume did. When and if I am ever looking for a new opportunity again, I’ll feel confident presenting this resume to potential employers during the application and interview process. Also, as someone who currently works in HR, this is definitely the type of resume I would reach for when selecting a candidate for a position!”

–Megan Barrett
(Talent Acquisition Specialist at Hunter International Recruiting)

“Jevon is an excellent resume writer and greatly helped improve the look and feel of my professional resume, as well as making it more fluent for better communication of my skills and expertise to future employers. He was very professional and timely in his correspondence with me and also suggested how to strengthen my LinkedIn profile, as well as offered general career pointers along the way.
After working with Jevon, I know that my resume is now stronger, easier to read, and brings out the important skills and experiences that I want an employer to most notice about me. Jevon reviewed and improved my resume through over seven different iterations, each one coming out cleaner and smoother than the previous, and asked me for my opinions to include my ideas into its design. I would recommend Jevon’s expertise to anyone and everyone looking to strengthen their professional profile!”

–Titus Lungu
(Undergraduate Student at Cleveland State University)

“Jevon does a wonderful job with resume revisions and career building. I was struggling with ways to make my resume stand out and Jevon helped out with that, amongst other suggestions that will be beneficial in the future. Recently interviewed for a position not too long after submitting my updated resume, thank you for the help with resume, it must have caught their eye!”

–Jessica Padilla
(Student Chair at Cleveland Clinic)

“Jevon contacted me, and offered to revamp my resume by giving it a more professional look. He did exactly that, and is very well practiced in his trade! Jevon is detail-oriented to know exactly what is required for the job. I’m very happy with the results, and would recommend anyone else to contact him for a clean, professionally written resume.”

–Sedrick Bolden
(Enterprise Improvement at PPG)

“Jevon’s service is as thorough and professional, as it is timely. His advice is invaluable and his suggestions are on que. I highly recommend him for all your profile needs.”

–Christian Simmons
(Freelance Fiction Writer at Freedom Fiction)

“Jevon helped me update and revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. His experience is very apparent, and his suggestions and advice for improvement were very helpful. He has exceptional writing and editing capabilities, and I was very impressed with the changes he made to my resume. I would recommend him to any student who wishes to transform his or her resume into an professionally organized, well-written document that is sure to stand out and catch the eye of employers.”

–Jeff Dalpiaz
(Student Supervisor at Cleveland State University)

“Jevon worked to build a stronger resume and LinkedIn profile for me. My improved resume has helped me become more noticed when applying for internship and co-op positions. His experience in big companies allows him to give spot on advice and suggestions. Jevon’s resume writing and editing skills are impeccable, I recommend all students to contact him to edit their resume.”

–Princess Gbadamosi
(Undergraduate Student at Cleveland State University)

“I appreciate the time Jevon has taken to review and work on my resume and I feel it has helped me out greatly. I now use the new resume format Jevon helped me with to apply for career fairs and I’d like for him to continue helping me update it time to time. It did help me to get into more interviews than with my previous resume.”

–Hiba A. Ahmed
(Graduate Student at North Carolina A&T Sate University)

“Having a resume critique with Jevon has helped improve the organization of my resume. He has also given advice on the minute details of wording in my resume which has been really helpful. My resume has improved and is helping in my internship search for summer 2015.”

–Christine Soong
(Undergraduate Student at Cornell University)


“Jevon is highly optimistic, seeing good in people even when others feel they might slow things down. He’s darn well persistent and doggedly determined for whatever project he’s working on.

He has the ability to pick a task and just succeed, doing it with a smile. Very charismatic, the man attracts people like bees to honey.”

–David McKinney

“Jevon tackles every task he is assigned with enthusiasm.”

–James Burke
(Senior R&D Engineer at Energy Focus)

“Jevon…He’s rather determined. Once he gets his mind set on something, he always see it through.”

–Joey Keegan
(Graduate Student at Virginia Tech)

“Jevon shows to have great affection and care for the ones he loves. I feel his work quality is top notch.
He’s helpful and that is a good quality, he has great attention to detail and decent grammar…also a rarity.”

–Amanda P. Jong
(Residential Nurse)

“Jevon gives good advice when people need it and he’s caring for those cared about. He can also be very compassionate, showing intelligence and loyalty to friends.”

–Nicholas Scaggs

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