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71089001_scaled_320x216Jevon here, I offer to you a variety of services to give better help you be successful for many years to come. Whether you are part of a sustainable business or a job-seeking individual, my technical writing skills will bring you many benefits.

Because I have quite a bit to share with you, my services are broken down into several categories:


Career Building

In this struggling economy, these are trying times for many job-seekers in America. Especially with so many jobs going overseas. Competition is stiff and getting attention of employers seems less than hopeful…However, there are ways to get their attention through one’s resumes, cover letters, and well into the interview process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still in college or looking for a change in career, it’s possible to make a successful change. And I’m here to help make that happen.

Resumes — Hard Copy (1 or 2 pages)

Getting a good job begins with having a good resume. There are certain aspects about having one you need to know and why templates, although may seem okay in format, might end up hurting your chances in the long run.

Here I provide a basic 1 to 2 page resume creation based on your skills, education, volunteering, work experience, and seemingly little aspects that can leave a big impact in the decision making process. This is currently one of my more requested services and especially popular among those still in college or starting a new career.

Resumes — Online (LinkedIn, job board sites)

Times have changed in this digital age where companies seek out job boards or LinkedIn as a method of advertising new job openings. With this easier means to find new positions, comes a lot more competition. But there’s still a way to get ahead of the game.

What you get with this service is a more in-depth version of your resume. I’ll help you get started on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn or other career websites to build you a strong profile. If you have one already, I’ll help polish it to make it stand out better. All while building a professional resume profile that contains specific keywords that best suits the type of career you’re looking for. I’ll even provide you tips needed on how to market yourself better so employers are calling you more often.

Cover Letters

These cover a brief short history about your experience and what you have to offer the company. Sounds simple, right? Then why are good ones so challenging to make?

Another aid to help you along your professional career that summarizes your resume in a more simplified version. However, writing one isn’t as simple as many tend to believe. That’s why I’m here to help you craft a simple, yet effective cover letter that compliments your resume.

Curricula Vitae (CVs)

An even expansive level of what a Resume is. While a Resume goes over the basics about the sort of work you’ve done, a CV goes deep into your background to tell employers better just who you are and to expand on your job assignments, volunteering, and projects.

This goes further than an online resume profile as it encapsulates everything about you in terms of your work history and education. Writing one can be a long process and may seem difficult and tedious. Which is why I’m here to write or polish what you have already in a way that would attract attention of HR. The more you have to work with, the better.

Informational Packets

For the professional or business seeking to better provide services to another company, an info packet is the strong way to go, especially for copywriters. It’s a great way to share details about one’s services and what is provided for the client.

Writing an Information Packet is a very lengthy process for one to undergo. A basic info packet goes to at least 20 pages. Which is why I will take up the task myself as building a good info packet is an intricate and delicate process. All the while keeping you regularly updated on changes and additions in this expansive project. In the end, you’ll have a professional profile to share with your prospective clients to impress them and better your chances of being hired for one of your many quality services.

Career Builder Workshop

Plan on making a career change? Are you a counselor or employer working with Interns/Co-ops? Or are you working with other individuals looking to seek help setting goals for the future?

My workshop service will go in deep about the importance of goal-setting and how to get the career you desire. What is included in this workshop will be:

  1. Goal-Setting for Your Future
  2. Resume Building Basics
  3. How to Market You Online
  4. Cover Letters – When are They Necessary?
  5. Networking with the Right People
  6. Phone Screening – What Your Voice Gives Away
  7. Interviews – How Your Body Speaks Louder Than Your Words
  8. Getting the Job – What’s Next?

This is a service that can be done on an individual basis or in small groups depending on your preference. After this workshop, you will be much more equipped to handle this struggling economy with much stronger odds of getting the job.

Sales Marketing & Advertisement

You have a product or service you want to market, or perhaps you already have been with moderate results. Today’s market continues to expand with more and more competitors. That’s why it’s very important to capitalize with what you have to offer before someone else does.

In business, there’s always a way to improve how you’re marketing yourself. And that is where I provide you the means of drawing in more interest and sales towards your product or service. I offer to you a good variety of services for your sales marketing needs.

This will be a way for you stand out from the crowds of competitors. Giving you that edge to continue to grow your business even further.

Article or Advertorial

Plan on using a newspaper or magazine advertisement for your product or service? Why not have a little style mixed in to it that can better resonate with readers?

Articles or Advertorials are generally short writing pieces. They can be for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, or online too. It is designed to market your information by means of an editorial or objective journalist. Which is why I’m here to provide a style that would best fit the market you aim to advertise to.

Plan on using a newspaper or magazine advertisement for your product or service? Why not have a little style mixed in to it that can better resonate with readers?

Articles or Advertorials are generally short writing pieces. They can be for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, or online too. It is designed to market your information by means of an editorial or objective journalist. Which is why I’m here to provide a style that would best fit the market you aim to advertise to.

Radio Ads (range 15 to 60 seconds)

One of the oldest means of advertisement that’s still useful today. When it comes to scripting for an effective commercial for the radio, I’m more than capable enough to draft up a script for a 15, 30, or 60 second advertisement. Helping your service or product to be promoted in a quick and simple manner that potential clients are able to way follow or build interest in.

Press Release (1-2 pages)

For short and efficient means of announcing your newsworthy service, product, or event then this is what will help acquire for you more leads. Whether for newspaper, Internet, or fliers.

E-Zine Ads

A smaller (but doesn’t mean less effective) means of advertising. With these types of ads, they’re meant for online sources like electronic newspapers, small magazines, and e-newsletters.

It was very popular during the earlier Internet days of marketing. And if anything, is still one of the better ways to advertise online today! It takes a well put together ad in order to bring in interest and call to action leading the client to the next step.

Postcard or Double Postcard

Another simple yet highly effective way to building business today. Sending out Postcards is a strong way of directing traffic to your website. But the key is have one that’s less likely to end up in the trash. I’m here to create for you a way of generating interest with a potential new market through this service.

Blog Posts

This is a good way to share information with others be them prospective clients or curious passer-by looking for information. Preferably done more on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, unless something really big you want to share comes up.

Whether you want your blog style to be purely informational, open-ended and conversational, or a mix of both I’m here to provide what you need. Blogs can vary in length and style.


The more unique way of advertising. It can be tricky to put together a good brochure that accomplishes its goal. However, one that is done right can be a huge lead generation monster! I will help put together for you a Brochure that can:

  1. Build Desire
  2. Sweeten the Deal
  3. Generate Response

Short Copy Sales Letter (1-3 pages)

This is for more direct marketing methods of reaching your prospective clients or consumer base. A direct sales letter is a means to persuade readers to take specific action whether to donate, purchase, or call about your product or service. All while providing an informative letter about the subject in question.

In order to make an effective Sales Letter, it all begins with the headline. A subject that resonates with the client to what they want or feel they need. Using taglines to bring it all in getting them to begin reading your letter.

To be able to keep interest of the reader throughout the body to your offer is crucial. Each part of the letter being able to flow like a river, to guide your prospect from one point to the next until they are convinced they need whatever you have to offer. And then the call to action being the way of leading them to attain it.

Long Copy Sales Letter (4+ pages)

The same type of quality as a Short Copy Sales Letter, but expanded to contain more detail. More in the format of a sales packet the more pages it contains. Ranges from 4 or more pages.
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E-mail Marketing

E-mails that are designed to drive your readers to a business page needs to be carefully crafted. Keeping a balance between being easy to read, welcoming, and informative. In the computer age where just about everyone has access to the Internet, E-mail Marketing is still a highly effective method of advertising.

Many businesses benefit a great deal from Internet marketing this way. Using this way as an alternative means of selling from paper copy. And I aim to help your business prosper as well. There is so much potential found here being able to reach a broader demographic or staying in touch with current customers.

E-mail — Short Copy

A good way to reach out to new potential or even current customers. This is a way of using e-mails to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. You may want to have customers directed to a Website Landing Page or to inform them about details that drives them to some sort of action.

At the same time, putting a successful e-mail can be a challenge as people are often busy. What I do for you is create short e-mails (up to 500 words) that has a subject line that is more likely to be clicked on rather than be tossed as spam.

Then the e-mail itself will be directed in a way that is to help the customer, to meet their needs and why to try your service. This can be done as a teaser to share only certain benefits and they have to click to find what else is in store for them. Or they can be told about a limited time offer and why they should jump on the deal while it lasts.

E-mail — Long Copy

For when you need to share with your potential customers more information about your product or service. It can be in the format more geared towards a short direct sales letter or Advertorial. This involves e-mails with 500+ word count.

E-mail Autoresponders (Series)

You have an online marketing campaign going and naturally you expect a good amount of feedback. So how can you follow-up with so many customers?

The purpose of an autoresponder is to provide e-mail answers automatically. For instance, it can be a simple ‘thank you’ for signing up for a newsletter or to let them know their message was received. This helps keep the line of communication open with clients as it gives them some feedback instead of having to wait on you to reply back. This also means saving you time. What I offer is providing you the messages for various autoresponders.

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Edits & Reviews

After finishing a speech, sales letter, resume, or even PowerPoint…the LAST thing we need is to find an embarrassing typo during a presentation or after submitting the document. It can save your reputation to have another set of eyes look at what you have. What better set of eyes than of someone that has experience in Quality?

Through my mechanical engineering career, I have experience as a Quality Engineer too, which requires good insight and an eye for detail. Especially since it could mean lives being at stake. Such as safety requirements in vehicles. And here I offer that same level of quality for your written copy.

Copy Critique / Consultant

Consultations offer you more insight and ideas on how to improve your written documents. It is a way to learn more about the material you’re working with. Here you will receive experienced guidance on various written content such as resumes, websites, marketing ads, and more.

We will discuss more about your project on ideas of to improve its content. This could help make it easier to read, raising readability on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. It is very important to increase how readable your content is. Otherwise you may risk losing your potential client’s attention or have them feeling lost.

I offer bonus suggestions on headlines. These are included free of charge.

Editing / Proofreading

When it comes to ensuring your documents are free of grammatical and spelling errors, I offer only high-quality work. This includes PowerPoint presentations, resumes/CVs, sales letters, advertorial scripts, and much more.

It always helps to have another set of eyes looking over your work before turning it in. Even if all the spelling is correct, there may be other ways to improve readability. Spellcheck doesn’t always catch everything. Rephrasing words or sentences can have a major impact on whoever you’re presenting to. And this makes your message have much more power behind it.

Content Rewrite

You have some written copy that you feel isn’t the best or could be improved on. That it’s lacking in a place you just can’t exactly put your finger on. Or perhaps it just needs to be scrapped and start over again.

This service provides a quick do-over for your commercial advertisement, sales package, speech, reports, PowerPoint presentation, and more. Helping to bring copy high on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. Minor rewrites and changes are also offered and very cost effective.


Website Content

Nowadays, the Internet means just about everything. With websites for anything and everything out there, it’s a very stable way to establish your business presence. Websites bring to your prospects and customers a place of information, means to reach you, and how to order your services or products. How to present your information is key to building your business. And that is what I have to provide.

Website — Landing Page

You have a link from an e-mail campaign, social media site, or other marketing methods directing potential customers to a webpage. Now here is where you make the deal in order to convert visitors into sales or leads.

This is where I create for you copy that builds and builds on interest intended to make what you have to offer seem as if the customer needs it. Then closing it with a strong call to action.

Website — Home Page

The home page is very important since it’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive to your site. And it’s the window to your business. If it’s not appealing or doesn’t offer much then users will just move on. That is why I’m here to offer you content to help you make your website welcoming for newcomers and returning visitors alike.

Website — Other Pages

For most websites, having just a home page isn’t enough. That is why I offer to you writing content for other web pages. To better inform visitors about your company, what you have to offer, or even about the person in charge.

Website — Monthly Maintenance

Running a website can be a very time consuming process. Not to mention confusing if you don’t understand how its site editor program for it works. Which is why I’ll carry those burdensome tasks for you with a monthly maintenance service to update your website with the changes you want. I’ll also provide ideas to help benefit your site at no extra charge.

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Technical Reports & Documentation

Not all forms of copywriting are intended to sell. Some are meant to inform, like technical documents. Having the experience I do in engineering allows me to provide an informational and detailed report with clear points and proper documentation.

I have a background of research in aerospace, lighting, medical, quality, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Having to understand these various fields of studies allows me to better provide you deeper research information. All the more reason to consider my services for your B2B copy.

Technical Reports

Many industrial and engineering firms tend to have a lot on their hands. At times, their employees my feel overwhelmed when coming up with specific reports. Especially with tight deadlines. Being a mechanical engineer, I would offer my skills to provide information on a technical or scientific standpoint.

Case Studies

An in-depth study on development of a person, group, or situation over a period of time. Providing strong supporting data for the general thesis or principle subject matter. I am no stranger to this sort of documentation. Subject matters covered may include software/hardware, psychological, medical, or social phenomena.

•White Papers

To provide an informational report or proposal on a specific issue. It may be environmental, social, economic, or something more.

Out of the other forms of reports, this service can also be used as a means of sales and marketing. To entice or persuade potential customers to learn more about a product, service, technology or methodology.

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Additional Services

I also provide extra services on top of writing copy for you. These bonus services provide additional options to save time and money.

Rush Orders

Often times, I am a busy individual and there may be a line of other projects already in progress. However, much like a fast pass at amusement parks, I offer a Rush Order for projects with tight deadlines.

This service shifts your project to being my top priority to getting completed. Not only that, but within 3 to 5 business days (depending on size of project), you’ll receive your first initial draft of the project while still having the high quality service you come to expect.

Service Packages

These are bundles of multiple projects within a specific category. The difference between ordering just two or more of a service in a group could mean a savings up to 30% the total price!
This service discount does not include Rush Order fees.

College Student / Recent Grad Discount

College is rough and very expensive…I know, I’ve been there. I really feel for the students that have to pay their way. So as a gift, I offer college students and recent graduates (within 1 year of their graduation date) that place an order for any Career Building service a 20% discount.

Other Discount Bonuses

These are very trying times for a lot of people. I understand that, I really do. That’s why time to time I offer a special Limited Time discount for one or more of my services. To find out about these additional cost saving bonuses, check the top of my site. It’s listed in the banner.

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Contact Jevon at (440) 289-2110 for professional copywriting and technical writing services.
For more information about Jevon’s dependable freelance writing services, get in touch with him here.